October 8-11, 2012



Breakbulk Americas 2012 Heavy-Lift Technical Workshop:
"Planning Your Heavy-Lift Transport"

Tuesday October 9, 2012, 8:00am-4:30pm
George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX


Transportation of Heavy-Lift items ranks among the most challenging and complex services in logistics and is handled by specialized companies and individuals. 
Are you a specialist?
Would you like to learn what the specialists know?

Description: Blue Check Mark - Png Clip ArtJoin us for an intermediate to advanced curriculum workshop where participants gain a solid understanding of the technical aspects of Heavy-Lift Handling and Transport.  The workshop culminates in real-life Case Study including Risk Analysis and the development of a Transportation Method Statement.

Description: http://be.buildingengines.com/rs/buildingengines/images/Icon_RE-Operations-Masters.pngHaving a solid understanding of the technical aspects of Heavy-Lift Transport helps you

  • Make the very best choices throughout transport planning and execution
  • Eliminate unnecessary risk and costs, and
  • Positively impact your company’s bottom line

You will work with experienced industry specialists in the heavy-lift handling and transport arena to

  • Increase your technical expertise
  • Learn best practices – gained from years of expansive project experience, and
  • Understand how your knowledge should be applied for Heavy-Lift movements

You will learn practical information that can be used in the work place immediately and for years to come.

Who should attend?

Whether you are the manufacturer of the equipment to be moved, are responsible for procuring or coordinating transportation services, or are actually providing Heavy Lift Handling and Transport, this information packed, workshop is important for you. 


  • 1 Day Conference Exhibit Hall Pass Wednesday, October 10 (up to a $180.00 Value!)
  • Laminated  "Heavy-Lift Transport Quick Reference Guide"
  • Glossary of Heavy-Lift Terms
  • Packet of printed presentation materials with follow up link to electronic file
  • NEI Certified Export Specialist (CES) – 6 Credit Points for attending Forwarders (Course is accredited by National Educational Institute of NCBFFA)
  • Certificate of Achievement – “Planning Heavy-Lift Transport”
  • Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Beverages

$440.00 per person, Early Registration before September 9, 2012
$550.00 per person, September 9, 2012 and after
This workshop was sold to capacity at the last three Breakbulk Conferences (Americas China and Europe).     Don’t be left out – Register Now!
To Register
Go to the Breakbulk Americas 2012 homepage, click on the link on the left side titled “Attendee Fees” and click on the hyperlink at the top of the page “Click Here to Register”.  Please note that registration for the Heavy-Lift Technical Workshop is not included in the Conference or Exhibitor Registration Fees.

For more information, please contact Pam Holdrup in the U.S. at +1.713.963.4678 or

No matter your role, there is ALWAYS something new to learn.  Why not increase your value to your company and to your clients?      See who has benefited already………….

What participants are saying:
“Again, thank you very much for the outstanding presentation and your contribution to my knowledgebase.”
“I have learned a great deal from your heavy lift workshop program.  You are very good at teaching and speaking.”
“We’ve been putting the training and advice to good use!”
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your presentation at the workshop which was very informative, valuable and insightful. The wide range of topics that was covered will definitely strengthen our knowledge and will certainly assist us in decision making and execution of transportation of Heavy Lifts in the future. Also, both of your lively presence, presentation materials and delivery style also enhanced the atmosphere and I personally enjoyed the whole session a lot.”
“The workshop was delicious.”
“As an experienced shipper, it was exactly what I was looking for. It will help me in all areas of my dealings with the service providers and all the related technical information concerning our heavy-lift moves.”
“It would not be fair if I did not send you a note of thanks for the WONDERFUL workshop on heavy lift.”
“Though I have been involved in project logistics of smaller proportions over the last 5 years, the workshop brushed up some real heavy lift knowledge from the 10 years span until 2006. The pictures were very nice and I have never seen details denoted so well (Even about the Securing with the H Beams and the C beams, the welding and the weights it holds). Really glad with the knowledge that you are spreading around.”
 “The seminar was very interesting, and apart from the content there was also some valuable networking during and after the seminar, we appreciate it!”

“First of all let me thank you for workshop last week, it was very useful and interesting”.
“Many thanks for the workshop and for your full copy of the presentation. It will serve as a great helping tool when revisiting the materials for future reference and self learning.”

What YOU can expect to learn:
Freight Forwarders –
Understanding of matching, transport modes to cargoes and equipment; more about the entire logistics chain; reading and responding to RFQ technical requirements, coordination all activities

Transport Providers -  
Overview of equipment and methods of handling cargo available to obtain objectives across ALL modes - Truck, Rail, Barge, Ship, Air

Technical Planners- Overview of the entire logistics chain and equipment performance with respect to cargo

Owner operators-
Cargo sources and evaluation methods employed in Port, Air, Rail, Truck, Barge and Ship selection

Insurance and underwriters-
Understanding of technical drawings, lift diagrams, actual operations and method statements in handling and transporting cargoes

Risk management - Overview of various operations and methods statements and risk analysis

Health, Safety and Environment- Safety issues on rigging inspection and planning
Traffic Managers- Overview of all the activities and impact of Plant design at FEED stage on equipment selection and handling/transport methods; increased understanding for evaluation of RFQ technical requirement responses
Project Engineers and Module Designers - Considerations when determining envelope size and transport methods for cargo and the impact on selection and availability
Port Operations, Stevedores - types of vessel and cargo care, Packaging and Handling consideration 
Professional Riggers - Overview of Risk Management and Lift Planning; understanding of rigging as related to entire logistics process
Suppliers of Rigging Hardware---Understanding of the applications of their hardware from a user’s perspective
 Naval Architect- understanding the role a naval architect can play in cargo planning


8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast / Networking  
8:30-8:50 Introductions

Transport Considerations - Getting Started – Technical details matter.
8:50 - 10:00 Rigging & Lifting Fundamentals  
  Learn through interactive rigging exercises using ITI's Rigger Reference Cards and Master Rigger Workbook.
  • Load Control & Weight Estimation
  • Rigging Selection
  • Center of Gravity
10:00 - 10:15 Coffee Break / Networking  
10:15 -11:15 Critical Lift Planning  
  This intense module provides participants with the knowledge and the skill necessary to properly develop and execute a critical lift plan using load handling equipment as described in ASME P30 Standard.
  • ASME P30 Considerations – Standards for safe operations no matter where the location
  • Mobile Crane Critical Lift Plan
  • Task: Relocating a Testing Structure
11:15:11-30 Crane Options  
11:30-12:15 Lunch / Networking  
12:15 - 12:30 Packing Factors  
  • What kind of packing is needed?   Specifications and materials
  • Selecting the best packing option
  • Importance of accurate information (including Center of Gravity)
12:30 - 1:00 Truck Moves  
  • Specialty trailer/equipment options
  • Size and weight limitations, capabilities
  • Stability
  • Determining equipment needed (axle loads, turning radius, ground-bearing capacity, accelerations, number of SPMTs needed, etc.)
1:25 - 2:00 Ocean Moves  
  • Heavy-lift vessel types
  • Loading operations – cranes, stability, terminal considerations
  • Forces on cargo / vessel - accelerations, GM, rolling period
  Stowage and Securing  
  • Stowage factors
  • Securing methods
  • “Lashcon” and securing calculations
2:00 - 2:15 Coffee Break / Networking  
2:15 - 3:00 Rail Moves, Air Moves  
  • Role in Heavy-lift transport
  • Equipment o]ptions and factors for selection
  • Stowage and securing
  • Special considerations
3:00 - 4:15 Interactive Case Study  
  Put your skills to work through a class wide transport Case Study.
  • Gap and Risk Considerations Assessment / Mitigation
  • The Plan -  Method Statement
4:15 - 4:30 Wrap Up  
  • Questions, Closing Comments
  • Survey Completion

With a combined total of over 100 years’ experience in project forwarding, transportation, packing and warehouse operations, global logistics and contract management, as well as total compliance, the PLS executive team provide a wealth of hands-on practical "best practice" training and consultancy from years of lessons learned.

Pam Holdrup, PLS Principal and member of the Executive Team, is a founding member of WTS, A Global Logistics Company, has a career spanning over 37 years of experience in packing, freight forwarding and logistics management. With a focus towards Project Logistics, chartering and contract management Pam has worked with many major oil and gas and engineering companies to assist in designing processes to effectively manage the global door-to-door logistics programs for their multibillion dollar projects. Pam’s expertise includes pre-project planning, implementation and the identification of best practices in global supply chain management. Most recently, Pam served as Senior Vice President of Global Business Development for Agility Project Logistics, Inc.

 Naomi LaBonté has been involved in freight forwarding and transportation services for over 35 years. Naomi's career began in air freight and expanded to include the management of ocean, air and import operations along with large scale packing and warehouse operations. Her responsibilities further evolved to include the development, implementation and management of quality, safety, security and trade compliance management programs and processes. Naomi was an owner of WTS prior to its acquisition by Agility, where she served as the Vice President of U.S. Operations for Agility Project Logistics, Inc.

Founded in 1991, TIME Marine has built an unparalleled reputation and presence in the Maritime Industry by providing simple and effective solutions to complex problems using state of the art technology. TIME Marine provides Naval Architecture, Engineering and Maritime Consultancy and Project Management services to all aspects of cargo project operations within the maritime and heavy transport industry, working for some of the largest projects in the world.

Bill Stuart, TIME Marine Principal/President, Naval Architect, manages the efforts of the naval architectural and technical staff servicing contracts for heavy and abnormal sized loads by land, sea and air. During his 40 year career, Bill has served as naval architect/designer of numerous vessels including TIME class container vessels, 150TEU, 300TEU, 600TEU and 1,200 TEU capacities, Lockheed ASRM barge, 700foot and 950foot preliminary vessel design and analysis for NAVSEA Strategic Sealift Ship Program and served as Project Manager for the design and development of a new build multipurpose RO-RO container fitted vessel.  Bill has served as marine consultant for varied and numerous project cargo and heavy-lift shipments, including lifting and support structure designs, for many of the largest project shippers and carriers.

Over the past quarter-century, ITI has become recognized by clients and competitors alike as having an innovating and pioneering attitude toward training, and for having raised the current levels of instruction for cranes, heavy equipment and rigging. Proven techniques and quality materials make ITI the provider of choice for crane and rigging, training and consulting.

Description: jim-cox-hat.jpgJim Cox, ITI Senior Instructor - With over 24 years experience in training, program development, and OSHA compliance assistance in the rigging supply and overhead crane service industry, Jim specializes in rigging applications & inspection, overhead & mobile crane operation, forklifts, lift planning and accident investigation.


Breakbulk Americas 2012 – Planning Your Heavy-Lift Transport”

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