November 2-3, 2011


Breakbulk Africa Transport Congress

November 2-3, 2011

Park Hotel, Bremen, Germany

Advance Registration is now closed.

On-Site Registration is available the Park Hotel, starting on Wednesday, 2 November at 8:00 am.


Africa: Land of Opportunities
Despite its long history of violence and instability, Africa’s three major regions – North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa –have made great strides in recent decades to become significant drivers in global economic expansion. Recent political chaos in North Africa has disrupted transportation services and halted industrial projects. With Asian demand for Africa’s natural resources creating new trade lanes for breakbulk and project cargo, many Sub-Saharan & South African nations are increasingly viewed as a land of opportunity.

Speakers at the Africa Transport Congress Nov. 2-3 in Bremen, Germany, will discuss how ports operate in Africa, infrastructure developments, breakbulk transportation bottlenecks, China’s investment in Africa, and challenges of doing business in Africa.

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